Hugo Lend

Age: 20; Farmer from Southern Texas turned Prohibition Agent.



STR (strength)     13
CON (constitution) 12
POW (willpower)    12
DEX (dexterity)    12
APP (appearance)   09
SIZ (size)         12
INT (intelligence) 12
EDU (education)    14
Income             04

Idea       INT x 5      60
Luck       POW x 5      60
Knowledge  EDU x 5      75
Hit Points CON+SIZ / 2  12   
Magic      POW          12
Max Sanity 5*POW        60
Yearly Income        $7,500   Income x $1000 + $3500
Damage Bonus           1d4

Profession Skills      280   EDU * 20
Int Skills             120   INT * 10
AGE        EDU+6        20

Electrical Repair: 50
First Aid:         60
Hand Gun:          60
Law:               60
Mechanical Repair: 50
Riding:            65
Rifle:             65
Spot Hidden:       65
Track:             65

As a a young youth, Hugo grew up as a wrangler and farmer on the Lend family homestead near the southern Texas town of Hidaglo (part of the Rio Grande ‘Valley’, or more accurately flood-plain). The homestead is a grapefruit farm, and has land for cattle.

Between 1910 and 1915 (during the Mexican Revolution) border and cattle raids become more frequent with over 30 Texan’s killed. In one such attack across, the Lend homestead was burned down. Hugo’s only sister perished in the fire, and his parents were killed in the fighting. The homestead was rebuilt by friends and family, with the eldest brother taking responsibility. During the revolution (1910-1920) the boys worked the farm and joined the Loyalty Rangers as they could. Early on, Hugo was too young to join but often snuck on rides, patrols and raids with his older brothers. He quickly became a good shot and a good rider. He also learned to track, tend wounds and sabotage machinery. It was during his time with the Loyalty Rangers that Hugo became friends with a Texas Ranger named Framk Hamer (who was an actual paid lawman vs the more miltia like Loyalty Rangers). His appreciation for the law grew. However as it did, his dark memories from some brutal raids he had seen started to haunt him.

In 1920, based on a recommendatikon from his friend Frank Hamer, Hugo became Prohibtion Officer. Hugo was tired of the racial tensions, especially in his own family and his new appreciation of the law sometimes put him at odds with his brothers… so when the state investigations on the Loaylty Rangers began, and memories of his youth started to catch up with him, Hugo left for the North…

Hugo Lend

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