The Fox River Affair

A Night at the Opera: Introduction
the first scene of the first adventure

The first leaves begin to change colour in Fox Valley, Illinois. Six friends meet up along the Chicago boardwalk, some having just arrived on the train from Aurora. Dinner consisted of red beans and rice at a Creole diner, and they walk contentedly through the throngs of people visiting shops and vendors’ stalls under the bright electric lighting that gives Chicago its name.

As they look out into the chill breeze blowing in from Lake Michigan, they find themselves caught in a crowd of well-dressed young people. These are chattering excitedly about the opening performance of the Chicago Civic Opera Company, and particularly the outstanding performance of prima donna Wilhelmina Switzer. As the crowd passes by, one of the six friends remarks casually that this might be a treat for next week’s get-together. They all agree with various degrees of enthusiasm, and resolve to meet for dinner and opera.

The friends spend some more time admiring the sights and sounds of the big city before heading their separate ways to fight off the evening chill: some to a dance establishment where a young man name Fats Waller is making a name for himself; some home to find their beds and down comforters; and some perhaps to an underground speakeasy, where gin, blackjack, and members of the opposite sex can be found.

September 16, 1922 18:06

The last of the party has arrived just a little late at Flannery’s Fish and Chips on S. Lake Shore Drive. It is just a couple of blocks from the Auditorium Building. Cubs fans are streaming down the avenue from Cubs Field, where they have just taken a game from the Phillies in extra innings. First baseman Ray Grimes has driven in his ninety-sixth run, and everyone in town is wondering if he will break the magic number of one hundred before the end of the season. The restaurant is buzzing with activity, and the group takes its seats on the outdoor patio, drinking in the pleasant breeze and admiring the sky as the sun sets about them. The opera starts in two hours, so there is plenty of time to relax.

[Roleplay time! Here is where you fill in some conversation, or just mention the topics discussed, or whatever. You can discuss options on the discussion page. ]

Lend::wistfully watching the baseball crowd, and once again wondering why he agreed to go to the opera… although Felix and Emerson seemed pretty excited::
“Why was it we were going to the Opera again?”


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